Project: Florida State College Jacksonville – South Campus Student Center
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Owner: Florida State College Jacksonville
Construction Cost: $3.12 Million
Project Size: 20,860 SF
Completion: September 2011

This project involved major renovations and new additions to four existing buildings, including build-out and addition of approximately 49,000 sq. ft. of classroom and student life space, along with reworking exterior parking and landscape areas. Several buildings received exterior enhancements, as well as an abundance of dramatic interior finishes. Perry-McCall performed an investigation of the exterior envelope to ensure that existing windows, doors and penetrations were sealed properly.

As a result, a number of windows were replaced, penetrations around existing piping and door frames were resealed, and numerous penetrations through the roof were re-sealed to prevent water intrusion.

A detailed safety plan was required in order to move around campus and stage various activities during different times of the day. With observed schedules and traffic patterns, project activities and deliveries were planned around peak times to prevent interruptions. Update meetings were conducted with the college staff weekly as well as to keep abreast of student activities, programs, events, etc., that had the opportunity to impact scheduled work or activities.

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